SuperEdge v0.1.0 Release is Available

SuperEdge v0.1.0 Release Notes.

🎉🎉🎉 First Release!

This is the first release of SuperEdge, which includes a series of features to transform a Kubernetes cluster to an edge-native container management system for edge computing.



  • Proxies requests from master nodes to edge worker nodes, which allows accessing edge nodes with no public IP address.
  • It is enabled by default for request from kube-apiserver to Kubelet on the Edge Worker nodes.
  • Supports TCP/HTTP/HTTPS.


  • Enhanced application management on the edge by grouping related applications and edge worker nodes.
  • Offers two new CRDs for managing serviceGroup - DeploymentGrid & ServiceGrid.
  • Provides isolated internal network for applications inside the same serviceGroup.

Edge Autonomy

  • Keeps services on the edge nodes up and running stably despite of network disconnection between edge and cloud.
  • Allows pods on the edge to restart correctly even though losing connection to the master kube-apiserver.


  • Enhanced monitoring of edge worker nodes.
  • Distributed health check on groups of edge nodes.
  • Determines status of the node based on the status checks from nodes within the same health check group.
  • Eliminates false alert in case of losing cloud-to-edge network connection.


  • EdgeAdm is a command-line tool to help users to deploy SuperEdge to native Kubernetes in 1-click.