SuperEdge v0.5.0 Release is Available

SuperEdge v0.5.0 Release Notes.

v0.5.0 / 2021-07-23

Features and Enhancements

  • Edgeadm: Added kube-vip as default HA component support(#186,@lianghao208)
  • TunnelCloud HPA: Added tunnel-cloud metrics for HPA(#187,@00pf00), supporting tunnel-cloud HPA based on the number of connected edge nodes(#189,@00pf00). Reference
  • Optimized Prometheus support(#189,@00pf00).
  • TunnelCloud DNS: Separated the synchronization of podIPs and Endpoints(#177,@00pf00).
  • Edgeadm: Deploy CoreDNS on every edge node by servicegroup(#185,@attlee-wang).

Bug Fixes