SuperEdge v0.2.0 Release is Available

SuperEdge v0.2.0 Release Notes.

Features and Enhancements

  • lite-apiserver now handles certificate rotation automatically. (#44, @Beckham007)
  • Added 3 new caching storage options to lite-apiserver, including memory and local KV storage using Badger or Bolt. (#53, @Beckham007)
  • Added new StatefulsetGrid ServiceGroup resource for running statefulset workload. Headless service is supported for StatefulsetGrid. (#37, @duyanghao)
  • Added canary deployment support for DeploymentGrid and StatefulSetGrid workloads. (#50, @chenkaiyue)
  • Added reuse policy for lite-apiserver proxy. (#43, @Beckham007)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Tunnel that causes missing request body in HTTP POST forwarding. (#47, @luoyunhe)
  • Fixed TCP proxy forwarding failure. (#60, @00pf00)


  • Introduction to new StatefulsetGrid resource.
  • Introduction to canary deployment for DeploymentGrid and StatefulSetGrid.
  • Tunnel configuration guide and sample configs.
  • Updated lite-apiserver architecture diagram and added usage example.