SuperEdge v0.4.0 Release is Available

SuperEdge v0.4.0 Release Notes.

v0.4.0 / 2021-06-18

Features and Enhancements

  • Introduced Penetrator to batch add and reload edge nodes from the cloud(#121,@00pf00). User submits nodetask, a Kubernetes CRD, and then penetrator batch adds and reloads edge nodes in the background even if the nodes can only be accessed one-way. Reference
  • Supported SSH login to edge nodes from cloud, even if the nodes can only be accessed one-way(#140,@00pf00). Reference
  • Servicegroup supported multi-cluster application distribution(#139,@chenkaiyue). Nodeunits under the same nodegroup can be distributed in different clusters in Clusternet. Reference
  • Supported SuperEdge add-on mode(#129,@lianghao208). Reference
  • Moved the NewInitNodePhase() function directly into an script(#138,@k2let).
  • Upgraded klog from v1 to v2(#136,@attlee-wang).

Bug Fixes

  • Modified edgeadm to disable SELinux(#132, @k2let).
  • Lite-apiserver: Added modify-request-accept param(#126, @Beckham007).
  • Added node name parameter check to avoid unsupported the IPv4 format(#125, @zhhray).